Virtual Valley

The Virtual Valley website has been retired

Virtual Valley — — was interactive, Flash-based student case study simulation experience, designed as a learning environment to enable students to learn more about completing a Unified Assessment Form.

Using an avatar, students explored two family homes in the virtual environment, and used the information within each to build up a picture of the care needs required to support each family. Family members could be interviewed, while virtual experts were on-hand to provide advice, different perspectives and priorities.

Virtual Valley was built at the University of South Wales by Martin Lynch and Gareth Parsons.

Why are we retiring Virtual Valley?

We have had to retire this website because, as of January 2021, Adobe will no longer be providing support for the Flash Player plug-in. Consequently, web browsers will not support the Flash Player plug-in in new versions after this date. This means that any security issues with Flash Player will be unaddressed. While we would like to leave these sites accessible for posterity, it's not acceptable for us to publish a website which may expose users to security threats. Therefore, VPM has been removed.

Should you wish to still access these VPM, despite any Flash Player security issues, then you can use an old version of a web browser and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to access an archived version of Virtual Valley using the Wayback Machine.